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Cybernetics SA is a privately owned business dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and installation of process automation and control systems in a wide range of industries.


The Managing Director is Ken Peall, an engineer by profession, who in 1989 was employed at Klockner Moeller in Cape Town as Electronic Systems Engineer, supplying programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) to industry, having been active in this field for the previous 3 years.


In 1989 Klockner Moeller changed their marketing strategy and looked to appoint Key Systems Integraters to distribute their products and Ken saw this as an opportunity to expand his area of activity. Starting out small but enthusiastic and operating form a modest factory in Ottery, he found that there was an ever increasing demand for the supply and servicing of quality componentry, so much so that in 1990 he registered Cybernetics SA cc and so began an exciting and successful journey into the world of process automation.


Whilst being substantially biased towards Klockner Moeller products, he also found support in a wide range of PLC suppliers including Siemens and Mitsubishi and began a successful enterprise supplying a variety of industries such as TEXTILES, CHEMICAL, DIAMOND DREDGING, GRAIN STORAGE, WINERIES and BULK STORAGE.


At a very early stage it became obvious that the simple supply of componentry was not enough for the end user. Because PLC’s are essentially blind to the user, There was an immediate need for PLC to be linked to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), so that data from could be represented to the end user. These SCADAs in turn needed to be configured and so Cybernetics SA moved into designing and programming the full process from PLC to end user. This included the specialty of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI’s) which confirmed Cybernetics SA leaders in their field.


A highlight in the progress of Cybernetics and in Ken’s portfolio was the development of the patented Manufacturing Execution System (MES) as applied to the motor industry. MES is frequently regarded as bridging the interface between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and SCADA.This creates the opportunity to read and interpret the state of the on-line process and to represent this in readable and actionable format to the line management. This system is now echoed and modified in other continuous processes.


The modest factory in Ottery was also soon out-grown and so the business moved to more conducive and spacious premises in Prime Park, Diep River from where they currently operate and in 1991 Brian Harris joined the team specializing in PLC programming and in 1995 became a partner in Cybernetics SA.


Latest addition to the range is the Borries Marking System from Germany when Cybernetics were appointed sole South African distributor in 2014.


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